And then it was time to go again. My next stop was Yangshuo in Guanxi province to attend a Chinese camp with a few of my Peace Corps friends. We spent a full day on this train. This train ride wasn’t too terrible, unlike some other ones, because we had all booked tickets to five beds in the same area. It was nice to not have to share close quarters with people who we didn’t know. The beds are similar to slightly wider ironing boards and I had the one at the very top. You have to climb up a ladder to get to it and then flop over and wiggle down because there isn’t enough room between the bed and the ceiling to sit up. I actually like this one the best though because when you’re lying down you can’t see any of the dirty commotion that is going on down below you. Vendors walk up and down the aisles shouting at people to buy their snacks and passengers are constantly eating and throwing their sticky trash everywhere. The train somehow looks clean in this picture, but it was a mess by the time we arrived.

DSC_9708 copy