I went to go visit one of my Peace Corps’ friends who lives in a smaller city about two hours outside of Chongqing. I took a bus from Dengguan to Zigong, to Chongqing, to another bus station in Chongqing, to Fuling, and then to her school’s campus. It was my first time in Chongqing and I got so lost navigating from the bus station I got dropped off at to the bus station with buses going to Fuling. When I arrived in Chongqing, I asked many people which bus would take me to the next bus station I had to go to. It turned out that no one actually knew, but still tried to help me, and so I spent a full day riding buses aimlessly back and forth all over the city. Chongqing is a megacity with 30 million people, so getting lost was a big deal and this was one of the most stressful days I’ve had. I get lost almost every time I go anywhere new because there aren’t perfect maps or apps and no one knows where things are because most aren’t traveling for leisure like me.

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