I just learned the Chinese character for the Communist Party and now I’m realizing that there are propaganda signs everywhere. The red signs around my campus and little town that I used to think were just red signs are actually all government propaganda. On Sept. 3rd of this year, China made a new holiday that marked the 70th anniversary of success in the “war of resistance against Japanese aggression” aka WWII. In every town and city so many new posters and banners were put up to commemorate the event. I can still barely read anything even when I translate every character on my phone, but the poster on the top left in this picture says something about how flourishing cities embrace you and the Party’s army is one family. The poster on the middle right says “strengthen national defense, educate and inspire the nation with vigor.” And the poster on the top right says something like “the army loves the people, the people embrace the army, the army and the people unite as one whole family.”

DSC_5236 copy