The week before my classes started I had an awesome visitor come to stay with me for a few days who was a Peace Corps volunteer at my university from 2001-2003! Meg is now back in China living with her family in Beijing and working in the Foreign Service. I learned some great new things about my little town. Most of the street vendors were the same from twelve years ago – Meg didn’t recognize one of the men who worked at the convenience store because he was in high school when she had been there. Someone had written initials in English in the cement leading up to my apartment building and I finally figured out who it was. We also found a lot of her old furniture and books in my apartment and office. The best story though was when Meg was telling me about a small ceramic good luck frog that she had left behind when she left China. She had been looking all over for a similar looking frog to buy but couldn’t find one. The frog was still here! And this time she took it back home with her. Below, Meg is showing her old friends’ (and a new little friend!) pictures of her 3-year-old son.

DSC_1506 copy