We finally performed the High School Musical dance! Almost three months after we first started practicing. The performance was for an end of the year celebration for the freshmen in a few different departments. All of the students who were performing that night were given excused absences from their classes for the entire day so that they could attend the dress rehearsals. It was also suggested that I cancel my three classes so that I could attend the rehearsals as well, but I politely declined. I showed up around 4:30pm, just in time for my group to rehearse our dance on stage. The other students in my group who had been there since 9am told me that they had only practiced on stage one other time that day and had just been waiting for other people the rest of the time. 

Below is a picture of three students doing a raffle to give out a giant stuffed whale dolphin during the celebration. I want to say that the girl on the right is making that face because of that funny situation, but she looks like that a lot of the time in my classes too.

DSC_3672 copy